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Croal_Darksoul 08-25-2019 06:55 PM

Posting to thread questions....
Sorry if this is explained somewhere I did look in the rules and didn't see anything there.

I have been a member of this forum since 2014 I think. I do not post much but I do read a lot of the forums and posts. There is a lot of good information here.

My question is this....I recently posted to a thread about the SA TRP 10mm and noticed that a notification popped up saying that my post would appear after it was checked by a moderator? Is this how it works for everyone or have I done something wrong? Just wondering if I am somehow in post jail or something??

Thanks for any information on this matter?

RetiredRod 08-26-2019 04:43 PM

You definitely are not in "post prison". :)

Our Forum procedure is that every new member's first post must go into a "moderation queue" until it can be approved by a Moderator or Administrator. This was instituted a few years back in response to the large number of spammers the Forum was getting.

Depending on where (which sub-forum) you make your first post, it may take a couple of days to get approved. If it's a low traffic sub-forum, no Mod or Admin might stop by very often. But, usually a first post is approved within 24 hours.

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