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ButchA 11-11-2019 09:28 PM

Remington 870 12ga (as I posted on Facebook. LOL...)
Hmmm... I posted this yesterday on Facebook and have not gotten banned by them (yet), but who knows.

"Since there was a gun show this weekend at RIR, I wanted to make yet, another Pro-2nd Amendment posting on Facebook:
Who on here DOESN'T own the famous, the ubiquitous, the "Ford F150 of shotguns"... The one, the only, the Remington 870 pump action 12ga shotgun!"
(2nd post/comment by me)
"Oh, and before anyone freaks out... It is unloaded, the chamber is open, and the pump action slide is pulled back (opening the chamber)."


So, with that said, who else is a fan of the classic Rem 870? It's everywhere! Every deer camp, every duck blind, all across the good ol' USA, the 870 is around! :D

Jonzim248 11-12-2019 12:50 PM

I am very happy with my 870. Bought an Express model in the mid '80s. Had a few fancy ones but always grab the Express for the dirty work. Added synthetic stock and fore arm along with a sling. Also have a rifled slug barrel. Great shotguns.

dfariswheel 11-12-2019 03:34 PM

The Remington engineers in 1950 got the 870 exactly right.
Of the post-war pump shotgun designs the 870 was the best of them all.

Most makers understood that they could no longer profitably make an all steel pump gun so they started using "Space Age" aluminum and plastics.
These largely failed to stand up in hard use.

Remington still owns the law enforcement shotgun market by around 95%, which even Glock can't quite match.
Of the post war guns the 870 is the one that can stand up to the abusive treatment a police shotgun gets, especially in the night watch version of "Hold my beer and watch this".

Super heavy clay bird shooters say the aluminum receiver pumps typically start breaking internal parts, especially the one's with plastic internal parts within the 5,000 to 8,000 round range or sooner, and usually develop cracks in the receiver within the 50,000 to 70,000 round range.

They say that the 870 will usually develop cracks around the ejection port of the steel receiver around the 250,000 range. That's a quarter of a million rounds.
Internals seldom break.

Only the old pre-war all steel "Tank" models made by most makers could equal the 870.
Remington built a post-war gun that didn't use all forged steel parts, but they used a forged steel receiver and very heavy duty fabricated parts.
Most makers tried to save money by using cast aluminum receivers and stamped internals.

In police use the post-1964 Winchester Model 1200 and 1300 failed and soured law enforcement on Winchester forever, after they'd owned the market with the 1897 and Model 12 guns.
Winchester was never again used by any major agency.
The Mossberg 500 was tried by a few agencies and also failed.
Mossberg was only able to get a foot in the door by greatly beefing up the 500 to the 590 series.

Word I have from shooters and law enforcement is that after being sold, Remington is getting the 870 quality back up to standard.

TRSOtto 11-12-2019 03:49 PM

Hard for me to explain why....but I don't own one.....and I have 37 shotguns. I keep meaning to but a nice early model......and I just never get around to it. The only pump gun any better was the Model 12. Ithaca 37's are close....but not quite....

One of these days.

EDIT:. We got a new production 870 in last week. The real deal, not the POS Express model which is an abortion if you ask me. But the new gun we got in last week was very well done...nice wood....nice blue finish. Very well made in my opinion.

ButchA 11-12-2019 06:08 PM

Now, now, now... Nothing wrong with the 870 Express (as per mine in my original photo/post). I just keep it lightly coated in Ballistol to prevent rust. The Express models have been long rumored to simply... rust, just by looking at them.. :p

A gunsmith told me a trick to do with "rough action" 870 Express's where sometimes a spent shell casing gets stuck in the chamber & first 2-3 inches of the barrel: Take a 20ga bore brush and wrap it with #0000 steel wool, and GENTLY use it inside the chamber and the first few inches of the barrel, to hone it and smooth it out. Some models of 870 Express have chamber/barrel issues where they are not as smooth as they should be.

dfariswheel 11-13-2019 06:53 PM

Using 0000 steel wool or a fine abrasive cloth strip to polish shotgun barrels and chambers and remove leading or plastic residue is a valid gunsmith's technique.

I've heard of shotgun ranges that had a rod and brush mounted in an electric motor so the members could scrub out their barrels.

Just don't EVER use any brush and drill in any rifled barrel.

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