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WC15 09-20-2019 10:46 PM

New model Taurus 1911 commander
Just picked up a new Taurus 1911 commander model in 45acp a few days ago, just curious if anyone has one and how the performance and reliability has been on these? I know they just started making this model in 2018 and yes I realize its cheap and a Taurus, but thought Id ask anyway.

sffone 10-16-2019 06:12 PM

Sadly, I recently purchased one. The gun looks good, I'll say that, but overall, I'm very unhappy with it for several reasons. First, the slide to frame fit is exceedingly loose (vertical and horizontal); when the gun is shaken, it rattles like an old military surplus 1911. I own a half dozen rather inexpensive 1911 commanders from various manufacturers and none of them are nearly as loose as this one. Next, the grip safety is very finicky. You have to hold the grip very tightly and in just a certain way in order to deactivate the safety, allowing you to pull the trigger. I'm constantly having to adjust my grip in order to shoot the thing, making for an aggravating range experience. And, lastly, the trigger pull is quite heavy -- so heavy, in fact, that it greatly impairs accuracy. Reliability is questionable. I usually have at least one failure per 50 rounds. On a final note, I have been buying and shooting handguns for 50-plus years, and never before have I purchased a firearm that I was as unhappy with as with this one. I hope you got a better specimen than I did.

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