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carpet1 01-26-2018 04:27 PM

new 1911 Taurus
Being an 1911 follower, I have many 1911's, I was hesitant about the 1911 Taurus I purchased at a pawn shop. The pistol is VERY accurate, with my handholds. less than 2" at 25 yds shooting offhand. I have 4 9mm 1911's and more than 6 in 45 apc. No complaints, the pistol will make a nice carry pistol or truck pistol. If I loose it, $350 down the drain. No sweat.

LEATHER NECK 01-26-2018 11:21 PM

Just ordered a Taurus 1911 Duo Tone. It is a very good looking pistol. I have owned quite a few Tauri. Some revolvers, some PT92's, which I love, & lastly a PT111 that I shot once & immediately sold. I am hoping this 1911 will be a good choice.

The Heinie "8" sights will be new to me. Don't know what to expect from them.

LEATHER NECK 02-01-2018 07:45 PM

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Picked up the DT the other day. Pleased with it overall. It did come with regular 3 dot sights. Haven't had any time to shoot it yet, but will real soon.

I must say it was THE dirtiest gun I've ever bought. Taurus assembly area must be really filthy. The fit & finish is up there with more expensive models I have / had. Has a FLGR. Came with a bushing wrench but was pleasantly surprised that it came apart easily without it.

While it isn't the Springfield I want, for now this one will do.

BK Meyers 02-02-2018 08:35 PM

I've had very good luck with Taurus 1911's and have owned 6 to date (maybe 7?). I currently have 2 of them. One is the first 1911 I ever bought and the pistol that introduced me to this "platform". I don't expect to ever sell that one. Just for sentimental reasons.

And it has the Heinie Straight-8 sights on it. Really like them.

LEATHER NECK 03-12-2018 02:44 PM

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Range report is pretty dismal. The gun ran like a top, but I couldn't hit the barn door if it was closed. Got it home & while cleaning it I found the problem. The stupid set screw on the rear sight was loose. At first I thought it was missing, but dug through my allen wrenches & found one small enough to fit. Used my bore sighter to line it up. Next trip it was shooting low & left. Moved the front over just a tad & raised my sight picture a little & it started to hit good.

It is a nice looking gun, fit & finish is pretty good for a +$500 1911. No other issues so far. I like the gun & hope it works out.

Ran a bunch of different ammo through different mags & it ate all I could afford to feed it.

Think I'll keep this one.

Wasn't very impressed with the OEM grips, replaced them with some G10's I picked up on FleaBay

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