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John Joseph 08-21-2019 10:57 PM

A simple raft---a mental exercise
The last few years have seen bad flooding with people often stranded. Some keep boats (I have a canoe) for sport, and these, like camping gear, can certainly be used when needed in an emergency, but many simply don't own or can afford to keep a bass or ski boat (or canoe) and some communities might even prohibit storing a boat at home
I was thinking a simple home made raft could be a useful item. In good weather, it could double as a small deck in the yard---add a weather proof storage chest for supplies and maybe a tarp to rig a tent to keep out rain when deployed. Buoyancy could be anything---plastic drums say, fastened underneath and out of sight.

Any thoughts or considerations?

USMM guy 08-22-2019 12:20 AM

Not all that hard to make one.
And I would certainly suggest that anyone that might potentially need one, have that option open to themselves.

rayban 08-22-2019 07:35 AM

I like the idea....maybe more folks should take the story of the ARK more seriously.

scubadad 08-22-2019 08:10 AM

When I lived in Florida I was 2 blocks from the water and thought about this a lot. Now living in Ohio farm country it is not a concern.

For those in flood prone areas a 12ft (depending on family size) flat bottom jon boat would work well. Store it under the deck or on its side in the garage. Inflatable is another option but in a flood scenario puncture risk is high.

Good mental exercise. Reminds of reading tom sawyer and huck finn going down the river on their raft.

John Joseph 08-23-2019 07:41 AM

Here's a thought---What about putting a propeller on a string trimmer, with some sort of gimble mount to help maneuver the craft when it's deployed? Not enough hp for swift currents, but in still water it might be useful, especially if you already have the string trimmer.

USMM guy 08-23-2019 11:54 AM

Probably should put about a ten horsepower Mercury on it also.
And do not forget an anchor and some suitable PFDs.

Plaidad 08-23-2019 06:54 PM

So, a backyard deck with plastic drums for buoyancy, a 10 horse Merc, and a string trimmer trolling motor. You know, I'm kinda surprised I haven't already seen that on Lake of The Ozarks.

USMM guy 08-24-2019 12:13 PM

Probably best to get a GPS as well.
And do not forget the charts and provisions.

Frank Vaccaro 08-24-2019 03:51 PM

300' 3/8" rope?

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