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guy sajer 03-06-2017 09:27 AM

Site Supporter status trouble please report here .
If you've paid and you're avatar is not showing please report here . Sorry for the hassles . Tech staff is working on it .

*Please resist posting comments or observations not directly associated with your own acct . We're trying to assist those having difficulty .

AndyC 03-06-2017 02:07 PM

Yep, me:

Feb 28:
Amount: $5.00 USD
To: 1911Forum.com
For: Site Supporter Subscription
Customer service URL: https://www.1911forum.com
Customer service email: [email protected]

Automatic payment details
Automatic payment number: I-9SXSX3EH3HLT

vb1911forum 03-07-2017 09:02 AM

@AndyC PM'ed you.


AndyC 03-07-2017 07:55 PM

Answered, thanks.

soldsco 04-05-2017 02:53 PM

Need help urgently
My personal account hasn't shown the Site Supporter badge now for 22 days

In addition, I created another account under a name for a new business that a group of us are launching. Made payment under Paypal for a merchant account and it doesn't work either. We have been planning on doing a "soft" product announcement here to gauge response before more making a more broad announcement.

I have provided the requested information as to the Paypal information and now have been told that my payment has to be verified.

In the case where members have given you payment information, In good faith, I would go ahead and get their accounts corrected and then take care of the verification later. This approach says we don't trust our members which is always a bad approach to take.

This site has always been my favorite gun related site but for the merchants this issue hurts us. I may have to look at another site to soft launch from as much as I hate to if I can't get this cleared up really really soon.

vb1911forum 04-06-2017 09:30 AM

@soldsco PM'd you


guy sajer 04-13-2017 07:38 AM

Keeping this thread up for anyone needing help with this .

Grandpas50AE 04-13-2017 12:04 PM

vb1911 tech support,
A member notified me they had subscribed for site supporter status but did not see the banner activate. My reply was: "When did you pay, and was it through PayPal? It sometimes take a few days. If longer than tha let me know and I'll report it. Thanks for being a forum supporter!"

His reply today was: "I paid 2 days ago so I guess we'll just wait. thanks"

His screen name is CAWC1911. Please research and PM him. Thanks.

CAWC1911 04-13-2017 06:11 PM

Hi, I am said member ... I paid for the supporting member status and now its been 3 days and Ive yet to get upgraded.

vb1911forum 04-14-2017 02:00 PM

@CAWC1911 - PM'd you, please read and respond - thanks!


LW McVay 04-17-2017 06:18 AM


Originally Posted by CAWC1911 (Post 9859154)
Hi, I am said member ... I paid for the supporting member status and now its been 3 days and Ive yet to get upgraded.

You are set now.

Ranger566 04-20-2017 09:52 AM

problem with re-newing supporter status
Morning, folks.

I'm stuck.

Just tried to re-new my Supporter status and hit a road block. I went to the "available subscriptions" section, and clicked on the "regular (non-recurring" choice, then went to the right to the "cost block" and scrolled down to "one year, $50.00 USD". Clicked it, but it would not load into the block so I could click "order" and continue to payment.

Tried two or three different times and got stopped at the same place each time.

Help please.

Steve Ehart (Ranger566)

Ranger566 04-20-2017 12:04 PM

UPDATE on Site Supporter renewal
Ok, guys. don't know if you made this happen from your end, but I just checked again a few minutes ago to see if it might work-----and I was successful.

I'll check back later to see if all the privileges that come with Supporter status are all turned on.

If you made that happen------THANKS!!!:rock:

Steve (Ranger566)

snow 05-11-2017 09:45 AM

I've been using the yearly recurring payment option for my Supporter donation.

It was due and auto paid on the 9th. Same account as in years past. It's not showing up here as of yet.

Concerning PM's; One of the advantages of being a Supporter is increased PM space, some of us use it, and wish we had more :)

When a glitch prevents our Supporter status being applied, we are then over the PM limit provided by regular membership. At that point, we cannot receive or reply to Admin to resolve the issue without deleting PM's. I would have to delete over 100 to get below the regular membership limit.

Not the end of the world I suppose, but not my first choice either, as the glitch is not on my end, and there is nothing I can do to fix it.

As a suggestion, if there is a way to allow PM between Membership and Admin without regard to PM space, that would be a great button to push.

Or, for the duration of this problem, perhaps we could just turn off the PM space limit.

You are welcome to E-mail if you wish. Let me know here if I need to create PM space. Thanks.

vb1911forum 05-11-2017 02:32 PM

Have you considered archiving your old PM's and downloaded them to your computer? This will keep a record of them in a file, and be able to clear up some PM space.

I have also sent you a PM.

- JB

mkvtch2965 06-26-2017 10:53 AM

I paid for 3 months. thanks

guy sajer 06-26-2017 12:51 PM

We'll get on it . Sorry for the hassle .

When approximately was payment made and was this was for Site Supporter ?

Oldfut808 03-24-2018 12:56 PM

Not sure if this is the right place.....

In my private message-sent folder, I see zero messages sent.
I should see a few dozen.

snow 03-24-2018 09:26 PM


Originally Posted by Oldfut808 (Post 12058978)
Not sure if this is the right place.....

In my private message-sent folder, I see zero messages sent.
I should see a few dozen.

Not really the right thread, but since we are here;

Go to your User Control Panel. Click on "Edit Options". Then scroll down and check the box marked " Save a copy of sent items in my sent items folder by default".

epj 05-07-2018 01:05 PM

Me too.

LW McVay 05-07-2018 01:10 PM


Originally Posted by epj (Post 12295090)
Me too.

You too what?

vb1911forum 05-08-2018 10:16 AM

What is the issue that you are also experiencing epj?


snow 05-08-2018 10:19 AM

My annual recurring membership is due. Just verified that payment has cleared on my end, but it's not showing up here as of yet.

I tried to use the "please send the tech account a private message here" link...

But it doesn't get around the PM space constraints.


vb1911forum 05-09-2018 07:50 AM

Hey Snow,

Should be showing for you now.


epj 05-09-2018 08:25 AM


Originally Posted by vb1911forum (Post 12298874)
What is the issue that you are also experiencing epj?


No site supporter access. As I recall, the badge doesnít ever show on my iPhone , which Iím currently using. However, access to the site supporter forum hasnít been blocked. My PayPal account was charged $50 on May 5, which was 4 days ago.

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