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loridah 06-24-2019 09:56 PM

1911 stainless .45 commander
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Just purchased a used stainless commander Ruger in .45acp. It is very clean and know the person that traded it in. He just wanted a 9mm as the ammo is cheaper. He rarely shot this pistol. I can tell. There is hardly any wear at all on this pistol and it shoots awesome. It feels nice in your hand and is very accurate. I have a Colt commander slide/Kimber officer slide pistol by Jim Clark and it is my Grand daughter's favorite pistol. So, I thought I would get me a commander to shoot instead of that one. I think I made a good deal as I got this one for a great price. I reload and I don't worry about the price of ammo. I am just a happy shooter. LOL Yall stay safe. WG

Wayne3593 06-25-2019 12:41 AM

You'd be surprised how well the finish hold up. Mine has around 15k rounds through it give it take a thousand. It's starting to show signs of needing a new extractor, just trying to decide if I want all matching stainless parts or stick with blued small parts.

wproct 06-25-2019 08:40 AM

There is a lot to like about the Ruger 1911. One of my favorite features is that the safety/slide stop spring plunger tube being an integral part of the frame, now worries about it becoming unstaked.

Ingramite 06-25-2019 09:06 AM

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I love mine.
I' ve got all stainless steel parts now and removed the billboard from the slide. Slim bushings and grips.

I'll post some pics when I get a chance.

You will never be disappointed with yours.

dakota1911 06-26-2019 11:58 AM

I still love mine I bought in Jan of 2013. It is on top below with a Night Watchman I bought in 2014 in the middle and a LW one I bought in 2015 on the bottom. All nice pistols.


On my SS original one I did put the aftermarket grips I got off shopruger.com on it. Ruger called them Delta grips and I told myself if Ruger ever came out with a 10mm they would have to go on it. As you might guess I did get a SR1911-10 when they came out and the grips are on it now. My original Commander now has Eagle Wing grips on it like the ones on my original full size SR1911 I bought in 2012.


AZ Desertrat 07-01-2019 03:17 PM

I am picking up a target model 5 inch today....they are all good!

deserttrans 08-09-2019 12:51 PM

With Wilson Upgrades
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Internals and tune.

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