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dsk 06-15-2017 12:36 PM

MEMBERS PLEASE READ: YouTube, etc. links
Dear fellow forum members,

The 1911 Forum Staff has decided that we need to enact a new rule regarding members providing links to their own YouTube videos, Facebook pages, blogs, and other personal websites. Some people are abusing their free use of this forum by using it only to promote their own videos and websites. Therefore we are going to treat this just like the use of our Classified section. You must be a member with 45 or more constructive posts (i.e., not ones saying "+1" or "me too") and be an active, participating member who posts such links only on an occasional basis, such as an average of 10% or less of the time. If you spam us with posts just to get to 45 posts or if you post links as often as you contribute to discussion elsewhere you'll simply be banned without warning and your posts removed.

By the way if you have a personal YouTube Channel or Facebook page you are allowed to include a link in your signature line. We invite members to share their videos and such with us, but please this is a free forum and we don't appreciate people abusing the privilege just so they can make more money off their own websites. Thanks for your understanding.

guy sajer 10-25-2017 10:58 AM

Reminder .

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