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SIGSTI 01-09-2020 09:16 AM

STI Staccato P Magazine
I have a new Stacatto P 9mm. The three mags included are the black Teflon coated style. Each seats fine in the mag well and feeds properly. However, there is a noticable side to side shimy of the mag when it is inserted into the mag well. Has anyone noticed this?

Descartian 01-09-2020 05:53 PM

Not quite following you. Do you mean once itís completely seated it wobbles back and forth? Is it doing it with the 126mm and 140mm mags?

Or do you mean thereís side to side play when initially inserting the mag (just the tip... had to be said)? If thatís the case thereís 2 things going on. The mag tunnel is flared like a magwell. Second itís a tapered mag to the top is going to be narrower than the body...

adian 01-09-2020 06:03 PM

Iím just jealous that not only did you get 3 mags, you got the black ones too.

I havenít noticed any play in mine that I got a couple months ago

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markm 01-09-2020 06:43 PM

All the mags in my STI's rattle around, maybe that's why the fall out so nicely.

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