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ButchA 01-05-2020 01:14 PM

Went to the range today with my Rock Island Armory 1911 .45 ACP
Yesterday, (as seen in the general topics section), I went at the local gun show here in town. I picked up some 185gr TMJ rounds from Georgia Arms.

Today, I shot the 50 round bag of 185gr rounds. No problems, no issues, every round went "bang"... Just a slight difference in recoil is all I noticed.

However, as seen on my target, it's been MONTHS since I last went to the range, and it shows. Man, talk about wild inconsistency!! :(

The saying is true - "Practice makes perfect!"


Pedro 1 01-05-2020 01:43 PM

Hi Butch, Your ammo sounds similar to the Browning 185 gr .45 acp that my Son got me for Christmas.
I've never shot anything other than 230 gr, and I couldn't believe how mild it was!

chrysanthemum 01-05-2020 04:25 PM

If for SD purposes, under stress, that's still very good shooting.

Obviously, you're accustomed to greater self-marksmanship results than in this particular out-of-practice range session, but don't be hard on yourself....you would have dispatched any BG with that shooting.:rock:

ButchA 01-05-2020 05:29 PM

Thank you... I appreciate it. The funny thing is a have a real good buddy of mine who is a former Marine and I'm a retired "Coastie" (we bust on each other all the time!)

Anyway, he razzes me all the time about sitting on my butt behind a desk for a whole career (I was a Yeoman doing military paperwork, ID cards, personnel records & payroll, etc...). I was not required to continue any firearm qualifications after bootcamp - it's just the way it was. Pick your rate (MOS), chose your fate, as we always said! So, my buddy wants to help "sharpen up my skills" next time at the indoor range. I teased him back, "Can a Marine really show a Coastie how things are done?" LOL!!! :biglaugh:

Lastly, that target was just an 8 x 11 piece of paper, shot from 30 feet away. I was a little rusty, but was trying to regain my focus and concentration...

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