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woody b 01-01-2020 05:17 PM

Romeo 1 vs iron sights
I've got a Romeo 1 on an IWI Masada. (love the gun) I just can't get "there" with the Romeo. I've shot over 1000 rounds with it. I'm accurate with it, but I'm slow. I'm 1/4 to 3/4 seconds slower for my first shot. My splits are .20 to .45 seconds slower compared to several other guns with various iron sights. My times are consistent, the spread is comparing to different guns. I only shot 2 mags with the gun before installing the Romeo, but I'm sure it's not the gun. I'm a little faster with the romeo switched off, just using my back up suppressor sights. It still feels unnatural to look through the optic with the back up sights. I'm faster with pretty much all of my other guns, even a smallish P365XL. It just doesn't seem natural to me to look through the optic, and line the dot up on the target.

Has anyone else just not "bonded" with a reflex sight? Maybe I'm too old to use a "modern" sight. I'm going to remove the Romeo, install some Ameriglo sig sights I've got laying around and see how it is.

chrysanthemum 01-01-2020 06:14 PM

You were wise to figure this out on the range.

Many individuals fare better with iron sights for shooting in circumstances that mimic (as close as possible) realistic SD scenarios. For them, the iron sights provide a quick, natural point of aim; whereas with a reflex sight, the gun needs to be somewhat aligned with the target before the eye can focus on the red dot and take a more precise aim.

Of course, there are other individuals who fare better with a reflex sight. If someone struggles with visually "seeing" and aligning three points at the same time, a reflex sight can be a big plus.

It depends on the person (and his/her vision) and sometimes the environment.

tanner's owner 01-01-2020 07:14 PM

I too have an optic on my SIG 320 ( exchange kit) and find I am better without it.

Doesn’t help that I have an astigmatism too.

That said, I haven’t dedicated the time with it as I should have to master it. It’s on my list of New Years resolutions.

jjfitch 01-01-2020 09:02 PM

A few years ago I began allowing the "over 65" shooters at our Outlaw A/P matches to use R/D optics without penalty. Immediately the "graybeards" were back in the game with the younger shooters and although not always in the top three are at least in the top 5-10.

Bottom line our older shooters adapted quite readily for the most part but as in all things there were some exceptions. Personally I shoot in both single stack and revolver with "dots".

I also shoot a "practical pistol" league that is somewhat "precision" pistol with par times.
My scores are almost identical with revolver and S/A. So the R/D must be an advantage to these 70+ aged eyes!

Never underestimate the power of age and treachery!

All the best in 2020,

Colt191145 01-02-2020 02:31 PM

Try ignoring the iron sights all together. Everyone is different, but just focusing on the dot works best for me.

I am not sure if I am any faster at the first shot with a dot, but transitioning from target to target is much faster for me. Accuracy is better also.

Don't give up on it yet, it takes some time to get the hang of it.

M-Peltier 01-03-2020 08:09 AM


Originally Posted by Colt191145 (Post 13026824)
Try ignoring the iron sights all together. Everyone is different, but just focusing on the dot works best for me.

I am not sure if I am any faster at the first shot with a dot, but transitioning from target to target is much faster for me. Accuracy is better also.

Don't give up on it yet, it takes some time to get the hang of it.

How much faster? and on what kind of drills/Targets? Have you actually put a timer to it?

Im asking because on another forum there's a discussion of this very thing. I am a long time 3-gun competitor who's vision is not what it used to be. Irons have been increasingly more of a challenge to see. I worked with an optic sighted 3-gun prepped S&W M&P PC C.O.R.E. for over 6 months getting real familiar with it. I got to the point I thought wow, this things much faster for me. Then I decided to run some drills on the timer and see, compared to an identical gun but with my preferred irons of fiber optic front and plain black rear. I was blown away that I was faster with the irons on every drill. I did have many more A's with the optic, but the speed was just not significant.

hardluk1 01-03-2020 09:36 AM

woddy did you buy a 3moa dot or a 6moa dot ? The 6moa dot would be the proper size for the new shooter specially for defensive needs or uspsa type events .

Look at your target not for the dot unlike fixed sights where most guys look at the sights then the target . IF your normal draw is good the dot will appear .

Unlike fixed sights that most shooters try to aligned on a point of aim when fired to hit well the dot can be anywhere with in the lens But on that point of aim and that is where the bullet will hit .

tanner I have an astigmatism too plus I'm right hand and left eye , turning the dots intensity down still lets me see a target well and you should be able to shoot it well but I have 40 years shooting dot this way . Small 2 or 3moa dots are far better for hunting or target fun use and a 6 to 9 moa dot works better for short range needs .

m-pellter Again what dot size are you using , 3 or 4moa or larger . My iron sight drills use what's called today - Flash Sight Picture - style and I can still place rounds well at 15 yards and ok at 25 with no hard focus on the sights and find I still good with Gold bead on a skinny front blade or basic black sights . I tried green fiber and like it and like it over red fiber as its typically to bright and distracting for me .

woody b 01-04-2020 01:49 PM

I think it's a 6 moa. I'll have to dig out the box to see. A friend bought it, then before he got his gun machined he bought a P320RX. He hit a deer. I painted his new bumper for the Romeo. I'll keep it, and mess with it some more later.

I put the original sights back on the Masada. I'm as fast with it as my other guns. A friend who shoots in competitions came by this morning. He's got 2 pretty much identical 2011's. One with a RMR, and one with iron sights. I'm faster with his iron sight gun than any of mine. I'm almost identical time wise with his RMR equipped race gun, as I am with my Masada with the Romeo. I'm obviously slower with the red dot. I try to find the target, then the dot, but I believe I'm looking at the dot, then the target. I've pretty much convinced myself that I'll never have an optic on a carry gun. But like I said earlier I'll mess with it some more sometime.

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