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spooky619 03-04-2020 11:36 PM

Wilson vs Nighthawk....(there’s a twist)
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The twist is.... talking about building a Remington 870.

I know that there’s a shotgun portion of this forum, but I’d really like to hear the opinions of the people who have Wilson products, and see what your take may be.

I picked up a 1981 Rem 870 Wingmaster that has practically zero wear from use. I bought it off of a coworker for $100 that had it sitting in his closet since 1986. It has a little surface rust from not being oiled in 30 years, but overall is basically a barn find.

Wilson has their “steal” program, which give you everything to turn your own shotguns into a functional “tactical” shotgun.

Nighthawk may not have been the right word... I really mean Vang Comp. it appears that Nighthawk uses all of Vang Comps parts, so I’m just going to make an assumption that Nighthawks are Vang Comp builds for all intents and purposes.

Any of you Wilson guys also send Wilson a shotgun (with a Vang Comp barrel)? Or Vang Comp a shotgun?

If a rep is hanging around, I have an account with Wilson to get a military discount. Does that apply to work on a shotgun, or just buying a Scattergun outright?

No hating on my beat up old Accord either. It’s my commuter.

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Grandpas50AE 03-06-2020 01:36 PM

I have handled several of them, but since I'm mostly a SxS guy I don't own one. The ones I've handled are very smooth in operation. I don't know much about the comps on shotties, so not much help there.

As far as the discount, they can answer that directly better than I could. Let us know how it works out if you decide to have them work on that old 870. No hating here on old cars, I have had my share over the years, and still drive a 13 year old p/u truck.

Striker2237 03-06-2020 02:10 PM

Unknown. I'm an over/under guy or semi auto user but I handled Wilson shotguns and I would get one if I needed a pump action. Very nice gun you found though, great deal!

Don't sweat the car lol! My daily's are a 2000 WJ with 284k on great clock and a 02 LS430 with 210k, old cars are great and allow more gun funding instead of a car payment.

vortec 03-06-2020 04:47 PM

You can always send the 870 directly to Vang Comp and have them perform the upgrades.


Ytown1911 03-06-2020 06:20 PM

In my experience, MIL/LE discounts apply across all services and purchases with only a few exceptions.

I sent my 14.5” 870 in for the “Steal” service, plus a few little additions, and it came out wonderfully. I apologize that I cannot speak to the Vang Comp portion, but I can attest highly to the “Steal”!

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