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GoldenLoki 08-16-2004 09:38 PM

Pictures of our S&Ws
Talk is good, but pictures are BETTER!

This is my S&W 1911. I made the following personal touches:
- black laminate Snakeskin stocks
- Ed Brown Tactical thumb safety
- Wolff recoil, sear, and main springs
- Videki trigger
- mild trigger job with pull set at 5lbs
- Ed Brown Snakeskin MSH



I just picked up a S&W 1911sc, but it hasn't had its photo shoot yet :(

Well, lets see some more pics!


williamcrane 08-17-2004 09:53 AM

Pic of my SW1911
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Glad to see that S&W finally got it's own section. Here's mine. Grips are from S&W. :p

Bluetooth 08-18-2004 08:13 PM

2 Attachment(s)
When she was new. Hey they all look the same. Anybody do any mods?

Texas Bob C. 08-18-2004 09:14 PM

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Smith&Wesson? They make more than just a 1911. Can I play? Here`s my 457. At least it`s a 45. I`ve also got a 17, 35, 41, 586, 629, 65, 66 4 and 6", 915 and a M&P Hand Ejector. I`m looking for a nice 422. Bob

GoldenLoki 08-19-2004 03:54 AM

Well... if we're gonna open the floor up to ALL S&W in .45acp...

My model 25

I also have a Model 625, but she isn't as photogenic :biglaugh:


1911.45 08-22-2004 03:49 PM

Here's mine.
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Here is my SW1911. The only mods are 1) remove rollmark; 2) hard-chrome finish; and 3) replace grips. The lighting in the picture is bad, which seems to make the slide finish look scratchy. The hard-chrome is matte on the rounds and satin on the slide flats. Metalife did the hard-chrome; Arizona Desert Ironwood grips are by Scott Sensing.
BTW, K1mri, I like the grips; are they from Esmeralda?

shooter45 08-22-2004 08:26 PM

The only thing I did was change the grips. Why mess with perfection...



1Bro 08-22-2004 09:27 PM


Originally Posted by shooter45
The only thing I did was change the grips. Why mess with perfection...



those grips look good on your gun!

strick909 08-22-2004 11:55 PM

I don't have one of the SW1911 by itself, so here is mine with a few "playmates"

shooter45 08-23-2004 06:45 AM


Originally Posted by 1Bro
those grips look good on your gun!

Thanks They are Carbon Fiber I originally had them on my GSR but thought they would look good on the S&W and thats where they are staying..

strick909 08-25-2004 12:20 AM

My SW1911 all by itself.

Coolknight 09-05-2004 05:46 AM

Couple of pics of my .45ACP a S&W 625-8




DWDude 09-05-2004 10:08 AM

I'm sure you've all seen it but I'm bored this morning so here it is again.

Fredrick Haring 09-05-2004 09:54 PM

My new toy

thearmedrebel 09-07-2004 05:27 PM

Well here she is with a set of engraved Alumagrips by GunGrips.net
United States seal side
And US Navy seal side
BTW, I am trying to decide which screws to use, Stainless or blue. What do you guys think?


1Bro 09-07-2004 05:49 PM

Black ones, they don't seem to take away anything from your very nice looking grips. The Stainless ones, become a focal point and that is not what you want them looking at. The black screws blend right into the black grips and alls you see is the emblem. My opinion, but of course you go with what you like. Either way it is a good looking 1911!

Opie 09-20-2004 05:17 AM

SW1911 Target Model with Ed Brown Magwell
1 Attachment(s)
Anyone else have a target? I have seen tons of the normal ones, but not many of these floating around.

[email protected] 09-20-2004 06:22 AM

very nice Opie! are those the grips the Target version comes with?

Opie 09-20-2004 03:11 PM

Yep, I am going to replace them with something else though..
I will probably have them in the classifieds in a week or so.


ponykilr 09-20-2004 06:04 PM

1 Attachment(s)
here's mine, brand new :biglaugh:

DWDude 09-20-2004 09:00 PM


Originally Posted by ponykilr
here's mine, brand new :biglaugh:

Had some cash left for ammo I see. That's the way to do it..

ponykilr 09-21-2004 01:06 AM

looks all "miami vice" dont it? ;)

Asmodeous 09-29-2004 06:03 AM

With a few minor mods...


ponykilr 09-30-2004 05:50 AM

what grips and trigger are those? looks good.

Asmodeous 09-30-2004 07:02 AM


Originally Posted by ponykilr
what grips and trigger are those? looks good.

Grips are Ahrends Ebony, and the trigger is the CMC carbon fiber/titanium

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