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hardluk1 03-29-2020 07:10 AM

Low price kimber
Our general store has a Kimber Custom LW 5" Nightstar 45acp for $599 . Seem like the average price for it found on line too .

There is no " II " following the custom lw so guess there no Schwartz safety ? That would be good for me .

So any opinions on this pistol or other special run "custom lw " models

KCJeep 03-29-2020 09:16 AM

They do not have the Swartz, and they are a heck of a buy in a quality 1911. I like lightweights so have been pretty tempted by one myself.

Huevos 03-29-2020 10:39 AM

Haven't seen these yet. They look like a good deal to me. Like KCJeep stated if there's no II there's no Swartz safety. Not sure why they're so cheap and your General store is about $50 cheaper than any I could find on a quick search. If you buy it please share a report.

ETA; Kimber built their business on offering low price 1911's with options that you usually only got with semi customs. Maybe they're going back to that. The first 1911's Kimber offered were that same price IIRC.

OLDGRAY 03-29-2020 11:35 AM

I have one of these LW Kimbers and I like it a lot.

hardluk1 03-29-2020 01:01 PM

Thanks folks . Our general store as unique in that they display about 400 firearms all discounted prices too buy no inline sale . Well at least before the latest gun buying rush and all sorts of gear for shooting hunting along with the good variety of safes for homes . Anyone find a reason to be north of Asheville NC find - Prices Creek general Store .

JGKC9AYC 03-29-2020 07:57 PM

I'd love to be in Asheville. Gun shopping would be a plus.
Beautiful country.

hardluk1 03-29-2020 10:20 PM

Asheville - AKA Werdville and 4 time winner of Beer City USA award is a great place to visit , but would not want to live there .

I'm in Burnsville about a 30, 35 minute drive north of Asheville and a rather rural area . Great place to raise a family , good schools and good small sheriffs department . And I can shoot at home !

Frank Vaccaro 03-31-2020 11:07 AM

At that price grab it.

hardluk1 03-31-2020 04:30 PM

Well I did not buy the Nightstar. I went over to our general store but I took at P365xl with thumb safety's home for a very good price . Cleaned it up lubed & ready to run when my wife came home from the grocery store . I grabbed 200 rounds of different velocity loads from slow 1000fps 124gr home rolled ammo to underwood 124gr gd +P and 147gr hst . I grabbed the uplula to help load mags and went out back to the range . As fast as I could load mags my wife shoot them up finished with two slower fired 1.25 groups at 10 yards . She has never fired 200 rounds so quickly , ever . I did get to shoot a couple mags of ammo threw it and it is a nice smaller optic ready pistol and it fits my wifes stealthgear ventcore mini 1911 holster like it was made for it . I got MY 1.5 years old Kimber ultra 9mm back and I rather have it than a 5" 45 that I would not carry at this time and I have 25 less dollars invested ! Besides I have a LW WC commander 45 that I carry some . If anyone here is near Burnsville NC and has a NC concealed handgun license come get the Nightstar .

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