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Stefano101 03-21-2020 02:49 PM

I was out buying more ammunition for my handgun and decided to shoot at the range while I was out, first I shot 16 rounds of Hornady Critical defense 45 auto 185 gr FMJ, those worked out great and they all ejected. Because of COVID-19 people were buying up all of the ammunition in stock so I had a limited option. I bought Hornady American Gunner .45 auto 185 gr XTP rounds and CORBON .45 auto+p 230gr JHP rounds as well. I shot The Hornady American Gunner rounds second and they kept jamming and not ejecting, I shot the CORBON rounds last and had no issues with those. What is the issue and should I clean and lube up my handgun? Or is the issue the American Gunner rounds?

1saxman 03-21-2020 05:02 PM

Clean and lube is always the first suggestion. One reason is that you might spot something during the process that is causing the problem. The other is it just might be all it needs. Without knowing if the gun is in factory configuration or how many rounds are on the recoil spring, its kind of hard to say. Sounds to me like the more powerful rounds work and the more 'standard' ones don't. This could definitely be related to a dirty, dry gun.

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