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raymzor 03-15-2020 01:30 AM

Aussie new member
Just took delivery of my first 1911. A Colt Gold Cup National Match in .45ACP. .45ACP are not easy to get in Australia. Handguns are generally limited to .357. I have a million questions about performance and maintenance. I hope the forum members can help.

VIS35 03-15-2020 07:18 AM

Hi from North Dakota :) Plenty of experts here to help you.

Tim Burke 03-15-2020 07:18 AM

Welcome. I'm sure you can get answers here.

squirrelsnest 03-15-2020 07:47 AM

Welcome to the forums from Virginia.

Steam Boat 03-15-2020 09:33 AM

Hello and welcome from Colorado........https://youtu.be/tdTRq3lxnXA

dsk 03-15-2020 11:46 AM

Please post your questions in the Colt section of this forum. Plenty of Colt fan-addicts there who can help you.

filthy phil 03-15-2020 11:56 AM

just a heads up on those:
the colt 8rd mags that came with my gcnm were crap and caused ftf.
tripp cobra mags solved that.

Mike Chapman 03-20-2020 08:54 PM

Welcome to the Forum from the state of Alabama, USA. I have 3 Gold Cups and use only Wilson Combat mags and never have a problem.

Sergio Natali 03-22-2020 11:22 AM

Welcome to our 1911 forum from Italy.

OZ 1911 03-22-2020 11:32 AM

Welcome to the forum from a fellow Aussie. I joined 3 years before moving to Las Vegas.
Great forum wonderful people and great info and the forum is more than just colt.


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