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Tenagain 01-15-2020 12:04 PM

Anybody else pick up a surplus Beretta 81?
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Yea, I know. .32.......but I really like the little buggers. I mean, after all if JMB made it how could it possibly be bad? And Beretta. Another classy firearm. I just couldn't resist the 200 dollar Italian police trade in that was part of the recent tsunami of imports. It's really a great little gun. and my example came in quite beautiful condition. Just the way I like a surplus. Very lightly used and just enough holster wear to add to it's good looks. It's an accurate, reliable, very light recoil, light weight, piece of art. I love my 1911. I love my 10mm's. Even though my little Kahr .380 pocket pistol might have a little more umph, I'm actually considering carrying it part time. I love this little gun! It feeds the Underwood xtreme defense +p rounds with great aplomb, and I really don't think with a double stack of JMB's little pills I would feel insecure. I also found a seller on GunBroker that is selling modified .380 magazines for the .32's and it holds 14 rounds compared to the 12 of the originals. If they test out reliable I'll really be in heaven.

Yea, even thought it was worth a set of new wood grips. sorry for the crappy cell phone pic.

CharlieLima 01-15-2020 03:39 PM

I picked one up as well. I have not fired it yet. It is in really good shape and the fit and finish is outstanding. Beretta quality has always impressed me and this little pistol is right up there.

Tenagain 01-15-2020 04:52 PM

You're gonna love it! Very accurate and it shoots like a .22. I have a little gold leaf coming and I'm going to see if I could put some on the front sight to increase visibility.

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